PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY


PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

Overview PBT-FDY :50D ,75D,100D,150D,300D Filament :24~144F PBT _DTY: 50D 75D ,100D,150D,300D Filament:48F~144F What is

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Basic Info
Model NO. PBT
Luster Semi-Dull/Full-Dull/Bright/Super Bright
Transport Package Export Standard Carton and Pallet Package
Specification 20D 30D 45D 50D 55D 75D 100D 150D 300D
Trademark Nextile
Origin China
HS Code 54024700
Production Capacity 400 Thousand Tons/Year
Product Description

PBT-FDY :50D ,75D,100D,150D,300D Filament :24~144F PBT _DTY: 50D 75D ,100D,150D,300D Filament:48F~144F

What is PBT?(PBT meaning)

Polybutylene terephthalate, abbrevated PBT, belongs to the Polyester family. In the textile applications, it is mainly used because of its elasticity. This yarn facilitates the manufacturing of high comfort garments, carpets, and automotive fabrics. The fabric provides added comfort and seamless movement. This innovative yarn ensures a comfortable microclimate around the body. The yarn creates a finished product that is breathable and has great elasticity and superior color absorption. Due to their low water absorption rates (about 0.4% of H2O), PBT yarns are sweat resistant and their elasticity stays unaffected when exposed to moisture.Our company can produce a variety of specifications of PBT-POY PBT-DTY, and PBT-PET bicomponent yarn with superior quality, we can also develop all kinds of colored and special filament yarn according to customers equirement.

PBT-DTY Main Technical Parameters

NoItemPremium Grade (AA Grade)
1Deviation of LD/%±2.5
2Uneven Rate of LD(%≤1.40
3Breaking Tenacity /(CN/dtex)≥2.80
Uneven Rate of BT/%≤
5Breaking Elongation /%M1±4.0
6Uneven Rate of BE/%≤8.00
7Crimp Contraction/%M2±3.00
8Uneven Rate of CC/%≤8.00
9Crimp stability /% ≥85.0
10Dyeing Uniformity(Grey Level)/degree≥4
11Boiling Water Shrinkage /%M3±0.5
12Oil Content/%M4±0.8
13Intermingle Spot/(point/m)M5±8.0
14Cone Weight/kgEven Length or Weight


PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY


PBT Black in POY FDY and DTY

Packaging & Shipping

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