Hot Sale PBT Filament Yarn (for core spun, knitting, woven)


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Hot Sale PBT Filament Yarn (for core spun, knitting, woven)

Hot Sale PBT Filament Yarn (for core spun, knitting, woven)

Overview Product Description Product Description: PBT yarn are short for polybutylene terephthalate yarns and are collec

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Basic Info
Usage Knitting, Weaving, Hand Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery, Fishing
Feature High Strength, High Temperature-Resistant, High-Elastic, Anti-Pilling, Flame-Retardant, Light Appearance, Abrasion Resistant, Breathable, Anti-Static, Anti-UV
Material 100% Polyester
Technics Ring Spun
Fiber Length Continuous Filament
Number of Shares Single Yarn
Pattern Raw White or Dyed
Type Fancy Yarn
Coarseness Fine Yarn
Structure Fancy Yarn
Delivery Time 7-10 Days
End Use Knitting, Weaving,Hand Knitting, Sewing
Transport Package Cartons
Specification Semi Dull 30D-300D
Origin Jiangsu China
Production Capacity 30000tons/Years
Product Description

Product Description:
PBT yarn are short for polybutylene terephthalate yarns and are collectively known as thermoplastic polyesters, or saturated polyesters, together with PET. It is the pride and joy of engineering plastics. With the development of differentiated fibres, the value of using PBT as a fibre is gradually being recognised. Fibres made from PBT have some of the properties common to polyvinyl acetate fibres, but because of the longer flexible part of the basic PBT macromolecular chain, the melting point and glass transition temperature of PBT fibres are lower than those of ordinary polyvinyl acetate fibres, resulting in an increase in the flexibility and elasticity of the fibre macromolecular chain.

Product features:
1.It has good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and the elasticity is not affected by humidity.2.Soft to the touch, good moisture absorption and abrasion resistance, excellent tensile and compression elasticity, better elasticity recovery than polyester. It has exceptional stretchability in both wet and dry conditions. The elasticity is not affected by changes in ambient temperature and can be used as an alternative to spandex for clothing fabrics, but its price is much lower than that of spandex.3.It has good dyeing properties and can be dyed at atmospheric boiling with common disperse dyes without a carrier. The dyed fibres have a Vivid. Excellent colour fastness and atmospheric resistance.4.Excellent chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistance

Product usage :
It is particularly suitable for the production of highly elastic textiles such as swimwear, pantyhose, training wear, gymnastic wear, bodybuilding wear, tennis wear, dance leotards, stretch denim, ski trousers, stockings, bandages for medical applications. Filaments can be used after deformation, while short fibres can be blended with other fibres and used in core yarns to make stretch denim, and can also be used to make wool-like fabrics. If the PBT fibre is used to make porous insulation wadding, it is washable, soft, breathable, light and comfortable, suitable for winter clothing and bedding filling. Tufted carpets made from PDT fibres are similar to wool carpets to the touch.

Company Profile

SJX started from May, 2005, located in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China. The city is the top three textile production base all over China and supplying 30% of the market share.SJX is focusing on the yarn development to fulfill customer's request. We have two factories, One is for yarn manufacture and the other is for home textile fabrics manufacture. SJX responsible for the overall domestic sales and the global sales, we have total annual capacity of 100, 000 tons for the recycle polyester filament and the performance yarn. We have around 500 people for two facilities and the office staff, all of the are in Suzhou city.


Q:When can I get the quotation ? A:We will usually give you a price within 24 hours, or you can check it yourself by visiting our quotation website
Q:Do you offer samples? A:We can provide you with samples, but the postage costs incurred in doing so will be at the customer's expense
Q:How long for delivery [production] and shipment?
A:The delivery time depends on the quantity you order. It usually takes 10-15 working days
Q:What about your payment ?
A:We accept payment by L/C TT DP.For more details please contact us via email