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Jun 12, 2023

Huge, Pot

Lubbock resident, Jay Jones, crochetted a massive stuffed prairie dog,

Lubbock resident, Jay Jones, crochetted a massive stuffed prairie dog, affectionately dubbed "Puff The Prairie Dog". You'll notice, in the video below, that he's also holding a little joint in his hand. He was created to help bring awareness to a local movement that has been gaining popularity and turning heads in the 806.

Puff is the mascot for Freedom Act Lubbock, a local petition in pursuit of decriminalizing low-level marijuana possession in the Hub City. According to their website, Freedom Act Lubbock is looking to change Lubbock city law to keep people out of jail, prevent racially charged policing, help the advancement of medical marijuana in our community, save public resources for bigger problems, and influence other cities in Texas to take similar action, and the like.

Check out Puff The Prairie Dog below. He looks like a pretty cool guy.

This guy is adorable and was quite the project. He took about 20 skeins of chunky yarn and over 20 pounds of polyfill to create. I think he's a great mascot for their initiative, but I also think he'd make an even better mascot for the entire city of Lubbock. Just saying...

That's one massive prairie dog! Wowza.

Now, I feel like busting out my crochette needle and starting a revolution! Good luck to these guys in their great endeavor to bring Lubbock to the 21st century. If you are interested in signing their petition, learning more about it, or getting involved, click here.